The Heart of What It Means to be Prejudiced…

[Note: To get this blog site up and running, I am reposting a few of my Facebook posts from recent months. This is one of them. It was first posted to Facebook on the date listed, though these first few posts to Neighborfy are being uploaded in June 2017. I’ve made minor edits to some of the Neighborfy versions.  Because these posts were originally posted to Facebook, unfortunately the original comments from readers are not copied here.]

Thanks to my old friend, Ginger Murphrey, for sharing this article. A good example of honest wrestling with our past, of acknowledging our failings, of learning lessons, and resolving to do better (including application of lessons learned to circumstances we confront at present). One quote: “The simplest and clearest lesson from the exclusion and internment is that it is wrong to view entire populations as monoliths and attribute to all members of a group — be they Japanese or Muslims or Mexicans or Iranians or even Americans — the characteristics of a few. This is at the heart of what it means to not be prejudiced.”

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