Deep In Cherished Southern Lands (Alma Mater)

Here’s a blast from the past…  An old friend (thanks, Lana!) mentioned that she was looking for a copy of the musical score for our high school’s “alma mater.”  I thought it might be fun to put a quick score together, so below I’ve included that *DRAFT* score and a “*ROUGH* recording based on that score.  (Go easy with your critiques, please — the recording was produced in ~20 minutes!)

Those years at Huffman High School were full of some really wonderful times, and I’m so very grateful that, via Facebook and other social media, so many of us are still able to stay in touch.  For all my wonderful friends from HHS, I’m sharing this score and recording — can you help me improve the score? (e.g., Who was the composer? Where did I get the melody wrong?  Should it be in a different key?)  I’ll look forward to your feedback.  Enjoy, and GO VIKINGS!

And here’s a hi-res pdf:  Deep In Cherished Southern Lands (HHS Alma Mater)(4-Part Draft 2)

I’ll replace the drafts with updates if I make any changes.  Hope you enjoy…


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  1. Beautiful and many thanks for the memory. However, we always sang…”honor, truth and PUBERTY.”

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