Calling All Ethical Conservatives – It’s Time for You to Speak Out Against Bigotry

Hey, conservative friends, it’s about time for you to speak up and denounce the bigots who claim to be part of your team.  Bigotry isn’t a conservative value.

The “alt-right” neo-fascist protest occurring in Charlottesville yesterday is disgusting. Their point of view is against all that America stands for, and, to be clear, their perspective is the antithesis of Christianity. Enough already. Get angry about violent hatred, and declare to the world that your politics (and your political party) doesn’t have room for the protestors’ worldview.

Right now I’m pretty angry at so many of you, because you silence is deafening. Right now I don’t give a damn who you voted for or why. But if you aren’t disgusted by the protestors — racists and Nazi’s who self-identify as members of the “right” (your side of the political aisle) – then your silence is truly harmful. And inexcusable. Do you agree with them? Do they speak for you? If not, then say so.

Don’t make this a partisan thing. It’s simply not. Yes, I think Trump has expressed sentiments that belie a racist bias that I’m not sure he understands about himself. But this isn’t about Trump. It’s about you and the things you claim to stand for. The alt-right considers Trump a savior. Is he your savior? If not, then say so.

See, I understand that you voted for Trump for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just wanted to increase the likelihood of getting a Supreme Court appointee who might overturn Roe v. Wade. (That seems to have worked out for you – the President already appointed Justice Gorsuch). Maybe you were working from a hope that a businessman would be more efficient at managing the White House. (That hope might have been misplaced.) While I thought a vote for Donald Trump was unwise, I’m not judging you for your vote. But if you remain silent NOW while hate and bigotry finds its voice, your silence deserves all the criticism you’re getting. Whatever your reasons BACK THEN, in November 2016 when you voted, what possible good reason is there to be silent about hateful words and behavior now? Are you simply not paying attention? Are you hateful and bigoted? If not, then say so.

Donald Trump is our President now, so use your voice to encourage him to act the way the American public deserves. One thing we deserve: a president who condemns the white nationalism emerging in places like Charlottesville yesterday. Of course, it’s hard for him to credibly condemn white supremacists when he’s still listening to people like Gorka and Bannon – self-declared white supremacists on his own staff. But you are not Trump, nor Gorka, nor Bannon. You are the good people I know, with whom I merely disagree sometimes about some political issues. I’m under the impression, however, that we don’t disagree about bigotry. You, in your best, most thoughtful support of conservative policies, don’t support white supremacy or any kind of racism. Right? Conservatism is about fiscal restraint, respect for community values, and limited government. Right? It’s not about racism. Right?

Right now the misguided, hate-filled young white men marching in places like Charlottesville are defining conservatism differently. When they ask to “make American great again,” they have something truly disgraceful in mind – they are imagining a time when white men had all the power, when women, racial minorities, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, and Christians unlike themselves were left out, marginalized, disadvantaged and under constant threat. If, by contrast, you believe the conservative movement is the inheritance of Lincoln and Reagan (both of whom would have abhorred the bigotry emerging today), tell the bigots that they don’t speak for you. Then speak for yourself.

Right now your silence is deafening. But I believe in you. I know you CAN do better, if you choose. Start doing better by finding your voice. Join me in denouncing the un-American, un-Christian, un-ethical, ignorant hatred we see in Charlottesville today and have seen all across America in recent months. But please start soon – the bigots have taken the stage and they have the microphone. Isn’t it your turn?


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